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If you are looking for a pleasant and charming place to live on the Costa del Sol, Fuengirola is an option that you should not overlook. This town in Malaga has tranquillity during the winter, as well as atmosphere and multiple activities to do in the summer as it has many restaurants and shows in the surrounding area or even in the town itself.

Here we are going to give you 5 reasons to live in Fuengirola to show you that this city has a lot to offer you:

Unbeatable atmosphere and environment

One of the most striking reasons to live in Fuengirola is the atmosphere, being a relatively small town (its dimensions are approximately 10km²) it is a very welcoming place.

When the summer arrives, its population almost doubles, especially in the areas closest to the beach or those where the restaurants and hotels are concentrated. However, this does not make it uncomfortable to carry out leisure activities during the best weather, given that Fuengirola has one of the longest promenades in Spain.

Sunny weather and good temperature all year round

Undoubtedly, many people choose to move to the Costa del Sol because they know that they will enjoy many sunny days a year and that they will be able to spend a lot of time outdoors thanks to the pleasant temperature throughout the year. Therefore, the climate is one of the most important reasons to live in Fuengirola.

Very extensive beaches

The beach is another great attraction for moving to Fuengirola as being able to live just a few minutes from the sea or even on the seafront is a luxury that is much more accessible in a city like this.

Playa Carvajal is one of the best known and one of the most popular, but there are other less crowded options even in summer, such as Playa Torreblanca or Playa de Santa Amalia.

As we say, the beach is one of the reasons to live in Fuengirola, not only because of all the leisure options it offers in summer, but also because it is so long that we can avoid the crowds during the hottest periods.

Vivir en fuengirola

A multitude of leisure options

Despite not being as big as the city of Malaga, in Fuengirola we find a wide variety of activities with which to enjoy our free time. For example, on its promenade (which is one of the largest in Spain) there is a very diverse gastronomic offer.

In the same way, it is possible to practice different types of sports, the most outstanding being water sports during the summer season, but it is also interesting for golf enthusiasts as it is possible to find up to 10 golf courses very close to the city.

On the other hand we have the musical events that take place in Fuengirola due to the popularity of Marenostrum, a space that hosts a large number of live music shows.

Places of cultural interest

Another reason to live in Fuengirola is the amount of places of tourist interest that can be found in this city and that can be an exceptional plan to do with friends or family.

For example, if you are a person who is interested in culture you can find places with a lot of historical importance such as the Sohail Castle or the thermal baths of Torreblanca. On the other hand, if you are fascinated by animals you can always visit the Bioparc.

As you can see there are reasons to move to Fuengirola if you want to live in a city with a wide variety of cultural activities at your disposal.

Are you thinking of moving to Fuengirola?

As you have seen this city has the perfect balance between tranquillity and good atmosphere, accompanied by a wide variety of options to choose from to spend a day with friends or family.

If after reading these reasons to live in Fuengirola you are interested in moving to this town, 1Mast can help you find the ideal property for you. Our agents know the real estate market in Fuengirola and will know how to advise you to find a property that suits your needs.