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In today’s world, where quality of life has become a determining factor, Malaga stands out as a hidden gem that has captured the attention of Forbes. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the choice of Malaga as the best city in the world to live, according to the prestigious magazine.

Cultural and historical attractions

The historical and cultural wealth of Malaga is undeniable. From the imposing Alcazaba to the majestic Malaga Cathedral, the city breathes history in every corner. Forbes recognizes the importance of these cultural treasures that offer their residents a unique and enriching experience.

Mediterranean lifestyle: sun and beach

Malaga is blessed with an exceptional Mediterranean climate. With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, residents enjoy an outdoor lifestyle like no other. Forbes values ​​the connection between climate and quality of life, positioning Malaga at the top of the options for those looking for a sunny and pleasant environment.

Exquisite gastronomy and renowned wines

Malaga gastronomy is not only recognized nationally, but has conquered the international palate. From traditional tapas to exquisite fresh fish dishes, Malaga stands as a culinary paradise. Forbes highlights this unique dining experience as a key component of their choice.

Malaga: an emerging technology hub

Forbes highlights Málaga’s commitment to innovation and technology. The city has experienced notable growth in sectors such as technology, becoming an emerging hub for startups and innovative companies. Modern and advanced infrastructure has been a determining factor in Forbes’ selection.

World class educational quality

Forbes highlights the quality of educational institutions in Malaga. With internationally recognized universities and a variety of academic programs, the city provides residents and their families access to a world-class education. This focus on education contributes significantly to Malaga’s reputation as the best city to live in.

Residential options for all tastes

Malaga offers a variety of residential options, from charming apartments in the historic center to modern homes in suburban developments. Forbes recognizes the diversity and accessibility of housing in Malaga as a crucial element in choosing the city as the best to live in.

In short, Forbes’ choice of Malaga as the best city to live in is not fortuitous. The combination of cultural attractions, an exceptional climate, an outstanding gastronomic scene, advanced technological infrastructure, quality education and diversified residential options makes Malaga a treasure to discover.