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To start you can request a free first appointment and without obligation with one of our 1MAST agents who will visit you at your home to answer any questions regarding our services. Our agents advise you at every step and give you advice to sell the house in the fastest and most efficient way.

Once the service is contracted, your 1MAST agent will prepare a comparative market analysis (ACM), which shows the recently sold properties in your area, highlighting the main characteristics of your home. They will recommend improvements that could help you sell for a better price based on your needs and the local property market, and will create a pricing strategy to get the best possible result.

1MAST agents are ready to sell your home in 3.8 months on average. And only with a 1% commission. In addition, the houses sold by 1MAST sell for € 3,000 more approximately than in other agencies.

Although you could take photos yourself, a professional real estate photographer can help your home sell faster and at a better price. As we know that the properties photographed with a high-quality camera and lens are sold at a higher price in the market. With us, you will have professional photos and a free 3D Matterport video. The interactive 3D scan is ideal for foreign buyers as it allows buyers to live their experience at home. We also hold open days where buyers can visit your home without an appointment.

Your agent will negotiate each offer with you and advise you on the optimal negotiation approach to meet your needs. After you and the buyer agree to the terms of the sale, your agent will continue to work on any additional negotiations regarding any other clause of the contract.

Once you have accepted an offer, it is time to start the closing process. It is important to ensure that your agent has all the guarantees necessary to carry out the sale, as well as that he has RC insurance, which responds to possible negligence or scam.

We only work with firm offers, buyers will make a previous deposit to avoid false expectations. Once you accept an offer, we will prepare the contracts and we will provide all the documentation to the bank if necessary. And when the entire process has been completed, we will assist you in the notary, in case it is necessary to solve any unforeseen last minute, in that act you will receive your money with all the guarantees and will deliver the keys to your home.