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When people tell you that they bought a house abroad you might wonder why do they do that? Well the answer is pretty simple, they want to have somewhere to go where they can feel comfortable while taking some time off, also another reason to have a property outside of the country is usually to have somewhere to go when they need to, also when they retire they want to be somewhere different and a house abroad is just perfect. Those are some reasons why you should have a house in another country, but you might wonder which could be a good choice for me? Easy the answer would be Spain, why? Because it is just an amazing place that no one can say no to. We will give you 3 reasons why choosing Spain.

The first one, the beach clubs, they are just amazing, the people are great, the entertainment is just so perfect that can please any one, in this case you can be completely sure that Spain will give you a great time for you to enjoy. Most people visit beach clubs when they are looking for places to have their wedding rehearsal or even reception, when they have that boho vibe is one of the best options they can find. The wedding planners usually set all the things down giving the couple time to relax and just enjoy the moment themselves.

The second reason is one mentioned before… Destination wedding… yes the weddings in Spain, that is very usual, people really love to get married in Spain, first of all with the weather in Malaga you can have either an outdoors or indoors wedding any time of the year with no worries, also the food is so diverse that you can please even the most picky guest. When it comes to having a weddings Spain the venues you can find are something unbelievable, from castles, beach clubs, villages, country clubs and some others. The perfect match will be found by the wedding planner and the experience will be something out of this world; that is a great reason to have your very own place in Spain you will have the chance to plan everything by staying in the comfort of your own place rather than a hotel.

The third reason to stay in Spain is because it is a great place to live when you are officially retired, think about it, you decide to buy your own place in Spain before even getting married, so you have your wedding in Spain, then you visit twice or three times a year for some very well deserve vacations, finally you are going to retire and there is no better place than you property in Spain. You have fulfilled that place with all your memories and with the presence of your loved ones then the best option is to live there; that wonderful place will be the best option for you to live in. That is why you should decide to have your very own property in Spain; it will make a huge difference in your life.

Those are the reasons to contact 1Mast the experts in real estate that will help you find your dream place in Spain, you will be able to live your dream come true in a paradise place. You just have to contact your wedding planner in case you are planning to have a wedding in Spain, if not you can always get in touch through the website and you will check all the great and wonderful options we have set up for you; Don’t think twice and have your place in Spain.