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When buying or selling a property, we must take into account different factors such as the surface area, the materials or the orientation of a house. In particular, the latter has a notable impact on the quality of life by influencing the luminosity and ventilation. In fact, valuers take this element very much into account because of its influence on energy consumption.

There is much debate about what is the best orientation for a house. At 1Mast, as experts in the real estate sector, we have prepared this article to clarify your doubts and help you make the best possible decision.

What is the orientation of a house?

When we talk about housing, we understand the orientation as the position of the facade if we take the sun as a reference. It is closely related to sunlight, which is the solar exposure of the house.

There is no single criterion for defining the best orientation for a house, depending on its location, the climate of the area in which it is located, its layout or the materials with which it is built.

The importance of the orientation of a house

As we have mentioned before, the orientation of a house has direct implications on its energy consumption and consequently, on the electricity bill each month, since a bad orientation will mean that we will need to make more use of heating or air conditioning.

The luminosity is another factor that varies depending on the orientation, a flat or a house with a suitable orientation takes much more advantage of the hours of sunshine. This gives our home a greater feeling of spaciousness and even has a positive impact on our mood.

All these details influence the valuation of a property, in fact there can be considerable differences in the price of one property or another simply because of the orientation.

What is the best orientation for a house?

To determine which is the best orientation for a house we must have certain information about the place where it is located, such as the climate, which also plays a key role in the ventilation and luminosity of a house.

If you live in Spain in an area with a warm climate, such as Andalusia, the most recommended orientation is north. This is because it provides the best ventilation and also receives the most natural light.

Logically, we can deduce that in the northern part of the country the most interesting thing to do is to choose a south-facing home. This way you can make more use of natural light and reduce energy costs in winter.

How to know the orientation of your house

Now that we know how important the orientation of a house is, it is worth asking ourselves what is the orientation of our house. There are different ways of finding out, but the quickest way is to consult the plans or the Cadastre.

If, for whatever reason, we cannot do this, we can use Google Maps to see the layout of our property or use a compass, although these methods are more inaccurate if we do not know how to interpret them properly.

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At 1Mast, as experts in the real estate sector, we take into account all the relevant characteristics of the properties we manage and we always look for those with the best orientation for our clients. If you are considering moving to Fuengirola or the surrounding area, do not hesitate to contact our team to find the ideal property for you.